lupercusna: (Enjoying a good read.)
2004-05-03 08:35 pm


I realise that it may be bad form for me to write here, as I am not in fact a Malfoy. However, I find myself with some spare time on my hands, and this is decidedly more constructive than anything else I might be doing, such as piercing a body part, hexing the pigeons that delight in defecating on my shop windows, or running for Parliament. So, here I am.

Aside from wrongful house-elf death, and bloody Quidditch matches, it's very quiet around here. I've a new spider living amongst the periodicals, he is brown and orange and answers to the name of Jerome. If anyone has misplaced their spider, see me.

I had lentil soup today for lunch. It's especially good when you have fresh bread for dipping. The wine was a 1786 Winsome Laughing, which was a very good year indeed. A bit dry, though.

I think there is a leak in the ceiling. I ought to have Gavin have a look at it.

And, since I am not currently drunk and babbling incoherently or pretending I have enough of a soul to wax philosophical and wave an ugly cane about, I'd best sign off. Things to do, people to see, books to dust.