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My, but it's a lovely day out.

I've hired on a fellow at the shop to give me some assistance with shelving, and taking in deliveries and whatnot - the things I can't handle on my own. His name is Gavin, and he's just a bit older than Harry I expect. He's a Squib, but doesn't seem to let it slow him down, and his people live out in East Hogsmeade. The job he says is to help him pay for some private magical tutoring. He's a bright young man, and no mistake - I'm very keen on keeping him around.

Sirius, you left your shoes here. Did you go back up the school as Padfoot yesterday morning? I suspect so, as I think you'd have noticed trudging through the snow in bare, human feet. I'll bring them up tonight, if that's all right?

Harry, I'm looking forward to discussing our holiday. I've had words with the Headmaster about it as well, and he seems to think that there'd be little trouble taking a small trip somewhere, so long as we are careful.

Myself, I should like to visit the south of France. It's lovely, in the spring.

Right - back to the books! Someone's come in asking about Your Kneazle and You, and I don't think Gavin knows where that one is yet. Best go and rescue him.

Date: 2004-03-30 07:15 pm (UTC)
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I really want to see the sea. I haven't really seen it except flying over it with Sirius and stuff.


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