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It's good to know that even though I am no longer at the school, you will all still entertain me greatly on a regular basis.

The bookshop is coming along. The premises have been dusted and swept, the windows washed and the spiders relocated (Harry, you're not the only one who would rather not cross Aragog again). The first few shipments of books ought to be arriving any day now, but I've already begun shelving the ones from my own collection that I've decided to sell. I'm not separating the magic from the Muggle - I figure that if people go looking for one thing, they might run across something else that interests them that they mightn't have looked for on their own.

I do hope that I'll see some of you by the next Hogsmeade weekend. I'm thinking of having a little event, perhaps some authors to come in and read from their books. Naturally, I won't be able to invite any Muggles, but there's plenty of authors who manage to straddle both worlds (thanks to some very swift public relations on their part). It's a thought!

The leg is improving, though I do have to use my walking-stick wherever I go. Such a pain in the arse. Recently Sirius and I went to dinner and I had a bugger of a time with a flight of stairs. In the end I had to Apparate down them, and that was no picnic. And Dobby's had to rescue me from the floor of the bath a couple of times, bless his little elf heart. So no marathons for Moony, I'm afraid. Not for a very long time.

Hope everyone enjoyed your most amusing Valentine project, and Sirius? Next time, dinner's on me.
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