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Well, an update for those curious. My Healer - a delightful soul by the name of Smethwyck - says that they've nearly got all the silver out of my system. It's very tricky you see, removing something from a person's blood, and I'll tell you it's not very pleasant. There are so many foul-tasting potions involved, I couldn't even begin to list them. I shouldn't complain however, because the alternative to the potions is far worse than a bad taste. I've never much liked leeches.

And that is the good news. The bad news is that my leg seems to be in worse shape than they thought. If they'd been able to get to it straight away it wouldn't have been much more than a simple matter of mending the bones back together, but since it was broken when I was captured, and left alone for a fortnight, it's got very dodgy indeed and they're not certain they'll be able to do much for it. In the end, I may have to have the bones removed completely, and just grow them back. And as I typed that the boy reading over my shoulder has made a very rude sound that tells me I probably won't like that very much.

However, I should like to walk again, so I think I will just do whatever it is they tell me I ought to do. It can't be any worse than a transformation.

Speaking of, that quite possibly did the most damage to me, even more than my captors did. I was left to transform without Wolfsbane, and as a result it was rather nasty. The silver in my blood kept me sick and weak so I couldn't attack the guards, but it did nothing to keep me from gnawing on myself, so I've some lovely wounds on my arms and my 'good' leg. Truly, I am quite a mess. No wonder Hermione looked a little green around the gills when she and Ginny dropped in for a visit. I'm sorry, ladies.

However, I've two lovely (if a little overeager) nursemaids here who are now telling me to stop writing and have a bit of dinner. According to Sirius, if I am a good boy and I take all my soup, he and Harry will read me a story. I should like this very much, especially since the only books they can get round here are the trashy sort of novels for lonely witches. Harry makes Sirius read all the dirty bits, and the last time they did it one of the Mediwitches came in just in time to hear Sirius perform the, er, climax of a scene. I don't know who was more scarlet, her or Sirius. Very amusing, though Sirius does not think so.

Right then, I'd best start eating. Cheers everyone, and have a good and safe New Year's!
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