Apr. 12th, 2004

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Good lord, I hope it hasn't always been this bad for him, when this happens. I'm still shaking. Sirius is in with him now, as Padfoot, I think that's the only reason Harry was able to go back to sleep in the end. I've never seen someone so terrified or so ill - he's going to be ravenous in the morning. I'll have to make certain the house-elves make an extra-large breakfast for him.

I'm certainly not going back to sleep any time soon, not after hearing that in the dead of the night, and I've certainly no interest in going back to an empty bed. I can sleep on the train tomorrow. For now I am just going to sit by his bed with all the lights on and watch him sleep, and hope to God the infernal thing doesn't flare up again. I hope I never have to hear him scream like that again.

I wish, Sirius, that we could follow him into his dreams, and protect him there.


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