Jan. 13th, 2004

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All good things must come to an end, and while I have enjoyed my time at Hogwarts I'm afraid that I will not be returning to teach there again. I have tendered my resignation to the Headmaster, and I believe some kind house-elves are packing up my rooms and office. I believe either Hagrid or Professor Grubbly-Plank will be taking over Care of Magical Creatures from here on.

It wasn't an easy decision, but the fact is that I have a very long road ahead of me as far as recovery is concerned, and it doesn't leave much room for teaching lessons and handling magical creatures. I can't imagine having to navigate those castle staircases, not to mention charging after errant Hippogriff or Thestrals as they carry off the hapless first years. No, it's best left in the hands of someone more capable than I am now.

I won't be going back to Dogear either, not right now at any rate. It's too big of a house for just myself to rattle around in, so I'm going to take up my London flat again. It is small and easy for me to get around in on my own. I will wait until the summer, I think, to go home to the ones who will be waiting there for me.

Of course, Harry, and Sirius, my London fireplace will always be open to you both - and for that matter, any visitors who might want to call by and entertain a rather damaged fellow when they've the time. I'll be needing a bit of entertainment, I think. Not sure what to do with myself now.

It was lovely to be a part of your academic lives. Thank you for letting me teach you.


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