Nov. 21st, 2003

lupercusna: (Home away from home)
Right, my desk is as organised as it's going to get - not that Hagrid can bloody use it, as he's the same size as the desk itself. But everything's where it should be in case he sends anyone in looking for something. Which I doubt, since he will likely ignore everything I've written out for him in favour of educating you all on the eating habits of the chimaera (preference: small animals, birds and first years). I wish you all the best of luck with your lessons, and whoever's left when I return will recieve a load of house points for your bravery.

Harry, don't forget to feed the Menagerie while I'm gone, and I think the Runespoors were asking after you. Or, they wanted their tank cleaned. It's hard to tell, with three heads chattering away at once.

Oh, and would someone be a dear and make certain that my owls are kept active? I don't want them to become lethargic in my absence. Add them to the school Owlery if you must, just keep them busy. Bip is speedy, but Bop doesn't drop things nearly as much.

Right. I'm not very tired, so I think I will have a bath and perhaps read a bit. I suppose I can sleep on my journey, but I'd rather not. I need to be alert.


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